Jeep Nation


Please read our member guidelines for safe off-roading;


Guidelines for Jeep Nation Members



Jeep Nation (also referred to in this document as “the club”) believes that Jeep activities should be fun and a pleasurable event to be enjoyed by families and individuals alike.



  • Club members are expected to drive in a courteous manner and respect other drivers and spectators.
  • Club members may drive anywhere, anytime, however, only excursions that appear on the website and are led by a Jeep Nation leader are considered Jeep Nation sanctioned rides / events. If there are other trail rides that you would like the club to participate in, bring those to the attention of the Club President and/or other Officer.
  • Trail Ride Leaders will abide by the responsibilities as designated in the Trail Ride Leader Guide  and are responsible to the Officers of the club.
  • Take care of our community, trash in trash out. Leave your off-road park/ location cleaner than you found it.
  • Members will promote a positive and respectful attitude towards other members, the Club, as well as the general public. If you have any issues with the club or any of its members, please bring that to the attention of the individual and/or the Officers. Do not use a public forum to resolve your personal issues.
  •  If there are any concerns with a trail ride or other club functions, please bring those to the attention of the Officers.
  • Members will be respectful of other member’s e-mail accounts. Some people use e-mail provided by their work place. If someone asks you to stop e-mailing them, please abide by their wishes.