Jeep Nation

             If you are new to wheeling here are a few tips to consider before you go,
                           this is not inclusive and Murphy’s Law applies

* The club will never leave anyone behind we all work together to help with tools, parts or labor
* Most of the trails we go on are mild to moderate rated 2 to 4 on a scale of 1 to 5, many trails have “bypasses” , no one will be pressured to wheel a trail they do not feel comfortable with
* Be prepared you may get some damage anywhere from a scratch to axle break (this is not guaranteed, you may wheel for years without any damage but just be prepared)
* We always disconnect the front swaybar  and air down our tires down for better off-road traction
* Quick disconnects are easy and are recommended but if you do have them bring a wrench
* An air down tool is helpful
* Portable air pump for airing back up

   Be prepared to be on the trail a few hours before returning to camp
* Flip flops are not recommended, wear tennis shoes or hiking boots
* Tow hooks on front and rear are highly recommended
* Things to bring
                Ice chest with drinks and snacks (you will want to strap down the ice chest so it doesn't

                               roll around, bungee cord or tie down strap will work)
                              Bug spray
                               A few tools, wrenches, screw drivers, pliers
                              Portable air compressor  (we will share if you don't have one)
                              Folding chair
                              Sun screen
                              Spare tire

We will be happy to help until you are able to get all the items you need, here are a couple links to some of the items we use for an example.